Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reading Lists: sociology of drugs

My PhD requirements include orals examines on three reading lists.  Below are a selection of readings I especially liked on the sociology of drugs/medication:

Medication & the Rise of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Cohen, D., McCubbin, M., Collin, J., and G. Perdeau. (2001).  Medications as social phenomena.  Health, 5(4): 441-469

Busfield, J.  (2006). Pills, Power, People: Sociological Understandings of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Sociology, 40: 297-314.

Parrish, R. (2005).  Defining drugs: How Government Became the Arbiter of Pharmaceutical Fact.  Transaction Publishers.

Fox, N., Ward, N., and A. O’Rourke. (2006). A Sociology of Technology Governance for the Information Age: The Case of Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Advertising and the Internet. Sociology, 40: 315-334.

Social Construction of Addiction
Tiger, R.  (2008). The Medicalization of Addiction, the Rise of the Therapeutic and the New Public Health in Drug Courts and Coerced Treatment: The Social Construction of “Enlightened Coercion.”  PhD Dissertation, CUNY Graduate Center.

Jarvinen, M.  (2008). Approaches to methadone treatment: harm reduction in theory in practice.  Sociology of Health & Illness.  30(7):1-17.
Bjerg, O. (2008).  Drug Addiction & capitalism:  too close to the body.  Body & Society, 14(2):1-22

Dingelstad, D., Richard. G., Martin, B. and Vakas, N. (1996).  The Social Construction of Drug Debates. Social Science and Medicine, 43 (12), 1829-3.

May, C. (2001). Pathology, Identity and the Social Construction of Alcohol Dependence. Sociology. 35(2): 385-401.

Nelkin, D. (1973). Methadone Maintenance:  A Technological Fix. New York, NY: G. Braziller.

Peele, S. (1985). The Meaning of Addiction:  Compulsive Experience and its Interpretation. Lexington, D.C. Heath.

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