Saturday, January 9, 2010

More readings: Sociology of the Body

I haven't found much writing on the embodiment of addiction, but here are a few pieces that are relevant.

Gomart, E. (2004).  Surprised by methadone: in praise of drug substitution treatment in a French clinic. Body & Society, 10(2-3): 85-110.

Bergschmidt, V. (2004).  Pleasure, power and dangerous substances:  applying Foucault to the study of heroin dependence in Germany.  Anthropology & Medicine, 11(1): 59-73.

Bourgois, P. (2000).  Disciplining Addictions:  The Bio-Politics of Methadone and Heroin in the United States.  Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 24: 165-195.

Lewis, B.  (2003).  Prozac and the post-human politics of cyborgs.  Journal of medical humanities,24 (1/2), pp.49-63.

O’Malley, P. and M. Valverde. (2004).  Pleasure, freedom and drugs: the uses of ‘pleasure’ in liberal governance of drug and alcohol consumption.  Sociology, 38(1): 25-42.

Weinberg, D. (2002).  On the embodiment of addiction.  Body & Society  8(4):1-19.

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